Intelligent design — such conceit!

This is one of those subjects that I’d love to write a dissertation on (if I _ever_ got that motivated), but it basically goes like this:

How pompous must we, as human beings, be to imagine that we could fathom the ideals and motivations of a creator capable of creating a universe such as ours! It seems such a haughty claim to think that we can discern, let alone debate, how and why a Supreme Being would be like.

Yes, I can respect that the Holy Bible and other books like it have been written through divine inspiration and yet I would venture to say that it is analogous to my writing a book for the sake of my infant child, hoping to give her guidelines for living such that she might, in time, come to a deeper understanding of the ways of the world or, to the point, the virtues of a spiritual life.

Obviously this isn’t the fully fleshed out diatribe that it deserves to be, but I did feel compelled to blurt this out as its been sitting in my drafts for quite some time.