Managing my personal energy levels

Will I see you tomorrow?

There is no greater indicator of future behavior than the answer to this question.

Fly-by, drive-by, anonymous, see-you-sucker interactions are easy to start, easy to be disappointed by, hard to count on when it comes to civility or a career.

We work to create the alternative. Masks off, snarkiness set aside, committed to long haul. That’s the connection that the connection economy is built on.

Seth Godin

Whew. This really hits home.

I just sent out my very first email blast yesterday, offering my Life Coaching services. I got a tremendous response from, so encouraging and exciting, yet this blog entry brought up an important aspect that is fully my responsibility… my energy levels. I want each of my interactions with others to be pristine, as clear-minded, transparent, and vulnerable as possible, but a major hindrance to that is how energized I feel, wholly dependent on how well I’ve taken care of myself.

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my mind, and have been acting inward. This, too, determines how much energy I have available to share with others, and is also wholly my responsibility. While I can’t create more energy out of nothing, I want to be aware of how I manage myself, how I present myself, and how I interact.

I think this is important because, when I’m inward at times, people perceive me as less loving, or that they are less important to me. This is absolutely untrue. I have so many people in my life, but I can’t share myself to the same degree at all times, simply because I have such a full life; sometimes full just being by myself.

I believe this may be true for others, and that people may misunderstand “distance” in time or space for lack of affection. Not always, of course, but I know this is true for me… perhaps its true for others as well.

As an amends to this behavior, I commit to doing better managing my energy, and/or clearly communicating when I’m less available than I care to be. At the same time, I ask that you give me the benefit of the doubt, and presume I love you just the same (if not more) than the last time I spent time with you. If you need more from me in the moment, please ask, and I’ll communicate what I have to give.