I’ve been writing notes for years, on all kinds of topics. This is a good chunk of the complete archive, no-holds-barred, you’ll find other blogs under Projects & Interests:

Grounded: A Meditation

This is one of the most valuable, practical things I want to share. Presenting it in the form of a meditation also frames it as something to practice, to contemplate, and to deepen. The benefits of finding a sense of groundbreaking within one’s self, and moving from that place regularly, offers peace and presence, especially […]

Really Useful WordPress Plugins

After supporting WordPress for close to a decade, here is a list of the current plugins that I’ve used a lot, for Good Reason™: InfiniteWP UpdraftPlus (Premium) WP All Import/Export (Premium) WooCommerce Post Snippets (and Code Snippets) Post SMTP WP Mail SMTP Plugin by MailBank (Developer Edition) Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin Redirection WP Rocket Yoast […]

A Healing Heart Meditation

This was requested by Phyllis Serene, here in Vilcabamba. I offer a setup, to clarify intentions, and then a short (less than) 15 minute meditation. I hope this offers (even just a little) healing to someone.

Chatting with Phyllis Serene on Emotional Fitness

I had a wonderful time chatting with Phyllis here at Mestizo in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. We discussed a wide range of applications, all grounded in healthy emotional fitness. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this talk. Can you relate? Am I missing anything? Do you agree with how relevant I think this is for all […]

Turning 53

It’s my birthday today! Since I don’t have my familiar peeps around me to have a big birthday bash, I’m going to share myself as fully as I can hear. It is what I would be doing at a birthday bash, being myself, being open, telling my truth. … being Me to the best of […]