I’ve been writing notes for years, on all kinds of topics. This is a good chunk of the complete archive, no-holds-barred, you’ll find other blogs under Projects & Interests:

Emotional Health is Key to Mental Health

This article at Men’s Health fired me up! I absolutely agree with the article, but it’s essential that we address our emotional health as well. If you’re interested, here are some freebies to consider for your emotional health: https://burtlo.info/offerings/the-emotional-development-series/  

The Case Against Grit

Inspired by this article at The Atlantic, I had some further thoughts on The Case Against (and For) Grit. The Case Against Grit I absolutely concur with the premise of the article, that it’s a challenge to know whether the first passion in a person’s life has sustainability; I put that word in italics because […]

On Sobriety Challenges…

Please consider this, that the point of removing vice is to get clearer about your core being. I’m not talking about your core physical being, I’m talking about your core existential being, your spiritual self. What’s the opportunity of getting sober? Inspired by this article on vice.com, I was moved to express a more complete […]

What are your biases towards “mental health”?

When you hear, or think of, the term “mental health” (or “mental illness”), do you jump to conclusions, or do you have a simple attitude of “all mental illness is bad”? When I was diagnosed with clinical depression, I didn’t really know what to think at first. It was a shock, it was something I […]

That last breath…

(Not that last breath…) Do you ever find yourself tired? Frustrated? Confused or bewildered? Ever feel lost, unsure, unconfident? Are you dealing with trauma or disharmony that overwhelms you? Are you tired of waiting to feel cool, calm and collected? Does it seem like life is just too busy and you’re never going to get […]