I’ve been writing notes for years, on all kinds of topics. This is a good chunk of the complete archive, no-holds-barred, you’ll find other blogs under Projects & Interests:

What are your biases towards “mental health”?

When you hear, or think of, the term “mental health” (or “mental illness”), do you jump to conclusions, or do you have a simple attitude of “all mental illness is bad”? When I was diagnosed with clinical depression, I didn’t really know what to think at first. It was a shock, it was something I […]

That last breath…

(Not that last breath…) Do you ever find yourself tired? Frustrated? Confused or bewildered? Ever feel lost, unsure, unconfident? Are you dealing with trauma or disharmony that overwhelms you? Are you tired of waiting to feel cool, calm and collected? Does it seem like life is just too busy and you’re never going to get […]

K1 Speed results


First stab

Made all existing content “Pending” — Pages and Posts Installed latest versions of Toolset plugins as of Jun 10 2016 — started manually, then discovered the easy install option after registering my site in my WP-Types account Stripped old layouts and content templates — added new simple versions — assigned to home page Stripped old […]

I Love You