I’ve been writing notes for years, on all kinds of topics. This is a good chunk of the complete archive, no-holds-barred, you’ll find other blogs under Projects & Interests:

Limbic hijackings: learned emotional responses

Alcoholics/addicts have been said to be “hard wired” with their propensity to abuse substances or behaviors. As I understand it, there is a genetic predisposition that is often a contributing factor, but that people with this disposition can still become addicts/alcoholics. I’m currently reading “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman. (This happens to be one of […]

When’s the last time you pushed a car?

I realized how infrequently I see people pushing cars. When I was a kid, we pushed cars a bunch. It was almost always fun and satisfying to move a vehicle with just our own strength. Even as a kid, I had a significant contribution to my father’s or brother’s efforts. If not, I would be […]

Intelligent design — such conceit!

This is one of those subjects that I’d love to write a dissertation on (if I _ever_ got that motivated), but it basically goes like this: How pompous must we, as human beings, be to imagine that we could fathom the ideals and motivations of a creator capable of creating a universe such as ours! […]

Familial Roles

I had to scan this and, while I know this is copyrighted material, I just had to post it. This has some concise definitions for functional and dysfunctional family dynamics and I feel compelled to share this. This is from the book “When Love Is Not Enough” by Stephen Arterburn and Jim Burns (link to […]