The Great Motivator

I don’t know Diane Ransom personally, but I do know the person she writes about here:

This post describes an excellent example of “tough love”, of love with respect. Children ideally get love and guidane like this, and are then able to organically internalize it over time, providing it for themselves as they mature into adulthood. People who seek this later in life are able to “reparent” themselves by finding appropriate mentors, healers, and counselors; then healing/growing/developing as an adult. This level of personal responsibility is incredibly necessary to have in place in order to maximize any other personal development/growth/education..

Not getting this healthy form of love and guidance is a major contributor to people developing, what I call, “personal hell”; that being a common tendency for holding others responsible for our happiness. It’s called a “personal hell” is because it’s our own; no one else is responsible for it. Many people don’t receive this very clearly, though, and the dysfunction it causes is prevalent (reality TV, tabloid sensationalism, unnecessary drama, etc…).

The crux of this is the Power of Choice. We get to choose how to perceive our situation, what we think about it, and how we choose to respond. This goes for every single situation, every moment in our lives. We live in “hell” when we don’t take responsibility for this power that belongs to us.

While it may be beyond our imagination to see ourselves as Roberto Benigni in “Life is Beautiful”, he epitomizes this power of choice. Anthony Robbins describes countless ways for understanding how and why we can master this power. I’ve heard many examples of people overcoming their horrid situations by using their abilities to choose their “reality”.

While it may take a person of authority to speak to us with tough love, especially if we’ve never had it modelled successfully for us in the past, the bottom line is that we are all capable of being the “Great Motivator” that we each need for ourselves. That, too, is a choice.

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