How to Change in an Instant, or “Don’t forget the milk!”

“It’s just a jump to the left.”

This may not be the greatest post I’ve ever written, but it’s one of the most important. Also, if you know me, I’m usually not one to make sweeping statements. But, I think this is one of those times.

Changing yourself — any change — takes an instant, and it’s as easy as remembering to “buy the milk!”

Imagine for a moment that you suddenly realize that you need milk. You may be on your way home, just arriving at work, hanging out somewhere, maybe already in a store. You might get the suggestion or reminder from your wife or friend, or you might remember on your own.

Are you ready? Here it comes. Here comes the change.

You decide to get the milk.

BAM! That’s it! In an instant, you’ve changed your mind. You’ve decided to do something different. There’s no argument, no resistance (necessary), no debate or committee needed.

Now, actually getting the milk into your hands may take 2 seconds if you just decided this in front of a cooler of milk. Or, it may take a bit longer to get cash, to wait for that farmer’s market on Sunday at 3p, and buy it from your friendly organic farmer. Maybe you’ll have to dress up warm, go out to the barn, and milk your cow. The quality of the milk you get, and the effort to get that quality, is up to you.

The decision to get the milk took only an instant.

The same principle applies to any other change. You may consider becoming a Project Manager, learning to program a computer, or invent a world changing product. You may be thinking of being a nicer person, forgiving a long standing anger, or wanting to be sober from drugs, alcohol, or some behavior. Maybe you want to run for President, change the financial industry in your country, or achieve Everlasting Peace. What you want to achieve or accomplish may take widely varying amounts of time and effort; all up to you.

…but the change can occur in no time at all.

p.s. Achieving most of those things is often far easier than you realize. There are excellent teachers and coaches in this world, countless “How to…” guides, and plenty of prior art.

(Thank you for this lesson, Ms. Grace.)

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