Meditation — what, when, why, how?

Ever mulled over the notion of giving compulsory philosophical challenges to political leaders? IIRC, it’s a forgone conclusion as it is, as of yet, too difficult to quantify and, in turn, judge results relative to qualification.

I’ve wondered how various leaders would answer the question above. I mean when it comes down to it, there’s gotta be at least quiet deliberation for difficult choices, right? Maybe that’s sufficient for some, but meditation means more to me. For me, getting quiet means I have less distraction in the way of my more intuitive thoughts. When I tap into my intuition, I seem to make the clearest decisions possible, at least at that point in time.

So, I’d love to hear people respond to the following questions, openly or in private:

1) What does meditation mean to you?
2) When do you meditate?
3) Why do you meditate and/or what do you get out of it?
4) How do you meditate? What’s it look like?

I’d flip to hear Obama’s response. Anyone close enough to him to ask the question(s)?

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