Opportunity and support is always available

“The support you need is always here for you.  It is simply a matter of opening to receive it in the form it shows up in.” –Nancy Parker

As my friend Nancy Parker says, “You’re not alone.


In a professional capacity, I offer help only when it’s requested. It’s oddly ironic… I recently mused over my reluctance in the past to ask for help myself. I had an over-developed sense of self sufficiency, and an unconscious lack of trust for others — a stifling combination.

I’ve come to see clearly, though, that the stricture was clearly within myself. On the other side of that blockage, I’ve enjoyed the profound and sometimes-strong-sometimes-delicate nature of cooperation, and many of those experiences have been borne out of my own requests for help.

The people I’m most interested in helping are those that have disbeliefs. There may be someone feeling alone, that just can’t imagine someone helping them, someone relating to their experiences. Perhaps someone has become discouraged because they’ve exhausted all the possibilities that they could imagine themselves. Maybe they find themselves exhausted from overwhelming circumstances.

I can relate to all of those thoughts and feelings. In addition, I’ve found that most people can relate as well.

I’ve found that much of the apprehension comes from specific experiences that lead us to certain beliefs. The problem is that many of those beliefs no longer apply and/or are based on false assumptions. Perhaps a playground incident led us to believe that people were mean. Maybe a painful relationship led us to believe that it would be impossible for find a suitable partner. Have you ever asked for help and been turned down, disappointed, or maybe discovered that the cost was far higher than you expected?

If those experiences occurred in emotionally charged circumstances, they may have felt more significant than they really were. All of those situations may have been true at the time, but they’re probably no longer relevant or “real”. Situations change, and so do people. Continuing to live with those beliefs means that we’re “living in the past”, continuing to respond according to circumstances that are no longer present.

Seeing the truth of the matter, we have opportunity to change. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see these truths; it can be as easy as asking a trustworthy person for their perspective.

Note: Just as a “for instance”, if you’re looking for healing or development within your body, people like Nancy or Monika can help. If you need support in some other facet of life, I can help with that as well — I know a lot of qualified people that can help.

If you, or someone you know, feels stuck or discouraged, or if there are aspects of your life that no longer work for you or could use improvement, seek help. It’s out there.

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