First stab

  • Made all existing content “Pending” — Pages and Posts
  • Installed latest versions of Toolset plugins as of Jun 10 2016 — started manually, then discovered the easy install option after registering my site in my WP-Types account
  • Stripped old layouts and content templates — added new simple versions — assigned to home page
  • Stripped old menus — added just the “Home” item — ensured that’d work with Home Page content template
  • Created contact form — started with form, then created custom “Contact Request” type when I realized I wanted more specific data — ended creating the form, and reordering fields — noticed that placeholders only show in custom fields, not in default post fields (Title + Content), I’ll deal with that later — no validation other than for proper email address format
  • Registered for reCaptch API keys, installed, added to form
  • Tested form, realizes I need a content template for my custom Type “Contact Requests” — with great power comes great responsibility; total control means I need to create everything from the ground up
  • Need to style the Form confirmation message… indistinguishable from the page content
  • Added this Post — didn’t display, so added View for Posts, and Content Template for Posts; since I added the View first, I needed to go back and include the Content Template in the View, as the View was “showing” all the posts, but since nothing was specified to display (no Content Template was included), all posts were “blank” — fixed all that, now you see the home page content, then the form, then this first blog post