That last breath…

(Not that last breath…)

Do you ever find yourself tired? Frustrated? Confused or bewildered? Ever feel lost, unsure, unconfident? Are you dealing with trauma or disharmony that overwhelms you? Are you tired of waiting to feel cool, calm and collected? Does it seem like life is just too busy and you’re never going to get settled?

If you’re reading this and eager to make progress, I’m here to tell you a simple truth:

You may not realize how close you are to the state of mind and being that you’ve been looking for.

It’s like looking for your lost keys and realizing they’re already in your pocket, or feeling incredibly anxious before a test, only to realize it was far easier than you imagined.

I’m going to offer this thought to you and, of course, you can accept it or not. I will bet good money that you are already who/what/where you want to be, or more precisely, you’ve been in touch with that part of you, but you’ve had a hard time holding onto that feeling, that sense of who you really are.

Can you recall a moment when you felt totally connected with yourself? Maybe it was connection to feeling centered or grounded. Maybe it was your “muse” when your creativity was flowing. Perhaps it was after some effort of preparation; for a trip, project, or test and you felt ready. In fact, the feeling might have come after the experience, when you felt fulfilled. Maybe it was during exercise, playing a sport, creating art or doing good work.

Take a few moments to recall what that felt like at its very best. Can you recognize a clarity in your mind, where there’s little else going on in your thoughts besides that sense of fulfillment, calm and clarity?

Can you recall a little more specifically, to a moment when you took a breath during that activity? That very last breath before you began… that very first breath after… the one breath when you gave it your all…

Consider tapping into your memory of that breath when you’re feeling anxious, unsettled, ill-prepared, or even surprised by something. This is using your embodied life experience to help stay grounded and confident, tying together several aspects of your being, if not more: thoughts, emotions, embodiment, and breath.

Give it a try and drop a comment below if you notice a benefit!